Preventative Maintenance – It Just Makes Cents

6 month check-ups can sneak up on you! Can you believe the end of EEWHdtgAzV9SCt_lp-lPPAPE1xsZ8KIXD5vEqNIxYyc,-ZJBZ5zhkKKpx66L3-BrNhta4NZnTultrcCk86KhWjIthe year is nearing us already? Now is the best time to come in for your check-up so you can maximize your insurance benefits before the year is up.

Did you know that if you don’t use your benefits, you lose them? Most insurance companies start over January 1st of every year. Whatever you haven’t used by the end of the year just goes down the drain!

Even if you brush and floss each day, plaque can start to build up in those hard to reach places. We’ve all felt sensitivity to hot, cold, or sugar, but putting off getting it looked at can have serious consequences.

Here is a break down of an approximate cost to fix from a small cavity to a very large cavity if left untreated:

  • You might not be aware that if we catch a weak spot early, often the decay can be completely reversed with fluoride treatment and a special toothpaste. (Cost estimate $50)
  • If the cavity has just formed on the surface, air abrasion can be used to gently blast the decay away without the need for anesthesia or a drill. (Cost estimate $150)
  • Of course, if the cavity is too deep, more of the tooth structure will need to be removed with a drill and depending on the size, may turn into an inlay or onlay. (Cost estimate $400) 
  • If too much tooth structure is destroyed, a crown will be necessary. (Cost estimate $950)
  • If the tooth must be extracted, a dental bridge or implant may be necessary to replace the lost tooth. (Cost estimate $3000) 

Don’t wait until it is too late. Regular dental cleanings ensure problems are detected early before hundreds or even thousands of dollars of treatment are necessary. Not only can regular cleanings and exams save you money, but at Victory Dental, you can be a part of our Patient Loyalty Program! If you keep up with your 6 month appointments, you can choose a loyalty package such as a FREE Sonicare toothbrush, FREE bleach trays or the discount package.

If you think you might have dental decay, don’t delay! With today’s coupons, new patients can receive up to 25% off your first cleaning exam and x-rays and $75 towards treatment!  

Call us today in Boise, Idaho (208) 402-1040


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