Dental Gadgets

As kids are shopping for the latest fashions and technologies rf123electric toothbrushfor back to school, we’ve compiled some dental gadgets to add to that list that will help strengthen your kid’s oral health routine. 

  • Timers: 120 seconds is the recommended amount of time for a thorough brushing. However, getting your kids to keep scrubbing for the full two minutes is easier said than done. Try using a toothbrush with extras to keep them engaged in giving their chompers the cleaning they deserve. Tune Toothbrushes play two-minute clips of your child’s favorite songs. They push the button when they start brushing and can finish when the song clip ends. Lighted Toothbrushes flash colors to entice your kids to continue brushing until the light show is over. The Twooth Timer is an easy to use, molar shaped timer that counts down from two minutes.
  • Electronic Toothbrushes: Automatic spin motion can help remove plaque and build up better than your child’s own brushing strokes. Be sure to choose an electric toothbrush designed especially for kids. They often have softer bristles and are shaped to fit more comfortably and effectively in a child size mouth. Some options to entice younger brushers include kids’ character powered toothbrushes or the My Way Sprinbrush that comes with stickers kids can use to show off their own style.  
  • Disposable Flossers: Flossing correctly takes a lot of coordination and can be difficult for younger kids. This doesn’t mean it’s any less important for their tooth health! Disposable Flossers come in fun colors, shapes, characters and some even glow in the dark. Look for options with fluoride coated/flavored floss to keep your kids even more inclined to get flossing.
  • Water Flossers: A water flosser is a device that uses a jet stream of water to remove food particles and plaque from in between teeth and below the gumline.  Water flossers can be a really useful tool for those that have braces, gum disease, excessive plaque or a difficult time efficiently flossing with traditional floss. There are several different kinds of water flossers (also called water jets, dental irrigators or water picks). There are counter top models, shower attachments, and devices that connect to a sink.
  • Plaque Disclosing Tablets: Do your kids think that their brushing is foolproof? Have them try chewing a plaque disclosing tablet. These chewable tablets contain vegetable dye that is attracted to hard-to -see dental plaque. They will point out just how important brushing and flossing is, even if teeth are free of food debri and “look” clean. The tablets are also a great way to identify problem areas like receding gums or around braces.

Try out these awesome dental gadgets and be sure to discuss the importance of dental hygiene with your kids. Permanent teeth usually start to erupt around age six, so the habits your kids form now can have a lifetime effect on their smile!

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