Get A New Smile in 2017

A self esteem and confidence boost is often gained by the restoration of your smile! Teeth that are decaying, broken or left untreated can account for chronic tooth pain, difficulty speaking and eating and can also become a deterrent when it comes to social engagements and job opportunities. At Victory Dental, we are grateful for the opportunity to help those suffering from extreme tooth problems to restore their confidence and get their life back.tooth-whitening-large

A smile makeover is a detailed process with many factors that must be taken into consideration. The goal is to make the new smile look natural and beautifully blend in with the patient’s mouth and face shape. Some of the aspects that Dr. Dave in Boise, Idaho considers are:

  • Tooth shape – the shape and length of teeth play a big part in making a smile seem more masculine or feminine, older or younger. The dentist may look at old photographs to try to match the natural appearance of the patient’s youth as much as possible.
  • Tooth color – of course we all want white teeth, but it is possible to go too white. The dentist may choose a slightly less brilliant white for an older patient to make the smile look more natural. A good rule of thumb is to choose a color that is not whiter than the whites of your eyes.
  • Tooth proportions – the dentist will examine the teeth to correctly proportion each one against the other teeth so the two central front teeth are dominant and the smile line appears natural.

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