Is A Dental Implant a MAJOR Surgery?

iStock_Teeth Implant_Small.jpgDental implant surgery takes education and skill on the part of your dentist and his instruments are technologically precise.  However, because of that education, skill, and technology the procedure itself is simple. In most cases, having an implant placed is less traumatic than the extraction of a tooth and the sensation is similar to having a filling placed.



After a local anesthetic is given the implant procedure is just 3 simple steps:

  • A small hole is drilled into the jaw bone.
  • The site is prepared until the exact size and length are achieved for the implant.
  • A titanium root replacement is placed in the prepared location.

Most implant surgeries take less than an hour and a half and most patients experience only mild discomfort during the healing process.

Who Can Get A Dental Implant?

Dental implants are not always suitable for every patient. Prior to implant surgery, a comprehensive dental exam, which may include x-rays or CT scan is necessary to determine if you would be a good candidate. Your dental and medical history will also be reviewed by your dentist to consider factors such as bone loss and diabetes. Once your dentist has determined you will be a good candidate, the implant will be surgically placed into the bone and allowed to integrate with the jawbone for up to six months.

What Can Implants Be Used For?

  • One or More Missing Teeth: For implants used for one to a few missing teeth, a post may be placed to extend the implant above the gum line. An impression will be taken of your mouth and a final restoration such as a single tooth crown or a dental bridge with several teeth permanently connected to multiple implants.
  • All Missing Teeth: Removeable and permanent options are available.
    • Removeable: Implants for dentures can be used for stability to create a removable denture that “snaps” into place. A post it placed that will stick above the gum line while the female end of the snap is placed in the denture. This appliance is removable and will eventually need the seal pieces replaced every few years.
    • Permanent: Similar to a dental bridge that is connected to implants on both sides, implants can be placed all the way around an arch of the mouth and a single appliance made to replace all the missing teeth. This piece is the placed permanently in the mouth and is not removable by the patient.

Dental implants are very unique from case to case and can be used for many different tooth replacement options. Is the implant process precise? YES. Is it a major surgery? NO.

At Victory Dental, we offer a free consultation. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, call our office today to schedule a time to talk with Dr. David Ripplinger in Boise, Idaho. (208) 402-1040


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