Your Dental Checklist for Back To School

Scheduling Your Child’s Checkupshutterstock_girl magnify mouth

The first day of school is just around the corner! Don’t miss out on this ideal time to get procedures done without working around missed tests and schoolwork. Slots fill up quickly for dental cleanings and checkups this time of year so don’t delay!

Could your child benefit from sealants?

Most children can benefit from having sealants placed, usually on the premolars and molars to make their teeth less susceptible to decay.  Molars have pits and grooves in the chewing surfaces, making them hard to keep clean.  Some fissures are so deep it is virtually impossible to remove all the food particles with a toothbrush.  These trouble areas are remedied with a filling material, similar to filling a cavity.  Sealants can protect a tooth for many years, but good oral hygiene is still required.

Does your child need their wisdom teeth removed?

Third molars or wisdom teeth often lack enough room to come in properly. When this happens they can cause tooth crowding or damage nearby teeth. They are also prone to gum disease because of their hard to reach location. Removing wisdom teeth during the teenage years is usually a much easier process because the roots are still forming. Summer is a great time to schedule your teen for this procedure to allow adequate time to recover. Most activities may resume after the first day, but they should take it easy from strenuous activity for 3-5 days and contact sports for a good week.

Is your child ready for orthodontics?

Did you know that the American Association of Orthodontists actually recommends kids be seen by age 7 to detect early problems and allow treatment to begin at the most ideal time. This “interceptive treatment” may provide a chance to make room for crowded, erupting teeth, focus on bite problems early, reduce the need for tooth removal and the overall time in braces. Send your child back to school in style with the latest colors and designs.

Now is the time to get your child in before school starts!
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