National Smile Month

National-Smile-Month-2017The Oral Health Foundation uses National Smile Month to connect with dental professionals, schools, businesses, and others to deliver oral health education to those in need. Founded nearly 40 years ago, National Smile Month brings people together in a social setting with games, competitions, and other events around the nation in the spirit of spreading oral health education to local communities.

There is a psychology to your smile.

Scientifically speaking, smiling is a reaction to the emotions we are feeling – generally the feeling of happiness. However, did you know that this can happen in reverse? If you smile though you aren’t happy, your brain will interpret it as happiness, and your mood will change!

Smiling is easy and contagious.

It only takes 17 muscles to smile while it takes 43 to frown. It’s physically easier to smile. Plus, even if you aren’t feeling happy, seeing a smile can turn someone else’s mood around. So, put on a smile and change your mood and the mood of those around you. It’s a win-win.

Smiling is universal.

Whether you speak a different language or live on opposite sides of the world, every culture recognizes the meaning and feelings behind a smile.

Fun Facts


  • can reduce blood pressure
  • makes you sound more friendly
  • makes you more attractive
  • can help you get a promotion!

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